You and the Germans, you have your super soldiers… Your secret weapons… But we Russians… We have nothing but our winter.


Adèle for The Guardian


"where’s my christian grey????” hopefully locked up in prison

there’s that tick.

Why do you think I drag you everywhere ?
You and me and dad...
I want us to be a family again.

Never love anyone who treats you like you’re ordinary.


Rook In The Ruins: a mix for a novel of fantasy and magic, of life and death, war and conquering, and who is to rule. 

i. wye oak - two small deaths, ii. marika hackman - wolf, iii. bat for lashes - trophy, iv. fever ray - keep the streets empty for me v. pj harvey - the darker days of me and him vi. cat power - the devil’s daughter vii. lady lamb the beekeeper - taxidermist, taxidermist viii. hiatus & shura - fortune’s fool ix. marika hackman - cinnamon x. wild beasts - two dancers II xi. wye oak - i know the law


to every bug i have ever killed i am sorry :/


…sorry that your bitch asses came into my house uninvited


insp [x]